Barrel Rested Gin


Barrel Rested Gin

Revelton Barrel Rested gin is a spirit lover’s combination of gin and whiskey. With a unique flavor profile blending both worlds, it can be a gin drinker’s whiskey or a whiskey drinker’s gin. Our barrel rested gin begins with Revelton’s hand-crafted, small-batch American Gin, which is then aged in a barrel containing traces of whiskey. Because gin starts as a clear spirit, it picks up whiskey’s beautiful amber hues and delicious flavor as it ages in the wood barrel.

750 ML, 40% ALC./VOL

Barrel Rested Negroni

2oz of Revelton
Barrel Rested Gin
1oz of Sweet Vermouth
1oz Compari

Stir all in rocks glass, pour over ice and garnish with an orange wedge.

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Honey Vodka

Revelton Honey Vodka is a unique blend of vodka with a true sense of southern Iowa honey. Along with a palate of wonderful honey sweetness and mouthfeel, this vodka delivers a beautiful wildflower aroma one would expect from harvested honey. Its soft finish and subtle touches of vanilla and citrus make this a superb, versatile spirit.


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